Human Camp Construction (KGC Prefab)

KGC specializes in full turnkey camp construction to the
oil/gas, construction and military/civil sectors. We provide
and deliver, timely, quality and cost effective construction
management in remote and challenging environments.
Our turnkey operation starts with gravel parceling, backfilling,
gravel spreading, design of landscaping, sewage /
water lines, design and construction of complete set of living
units, ablution units, shower units waste water tanks,
water and waste water treatment plants and complete
electricity, interior equipments ( A/c, etc.,) & security to
the units and its surroundings.

We are experienced in designing/fabricating all types of
portable living units of different types and module structures.
Our design & fabrication includes Single Room,
Double Room, Double Wide, Trailer Mount units, Sandwich
panels, Corrugated sheet with glass wool installation,
polymer sandwich panels, ISO containerizes units.

Our custom manufactured modular buildings are as follows:
  • Portable Living Units
  • Ablution Units
  • Shower Units
  • Office Trailers

We also undertake & Manufacture:
  • Training Centers
  • Laundry Units
  • MWR Tents
  • Warehouse Buildings
  • Dining Facility
  • Helicopter Hangers
  • Work shops
  • Vehicle Staging Area / Parking Shade
  • All types of Fabric & PVC tents

All our design and fabrication are as per the IBC ,IEC with regional Industrial, Oil field
and Mil standards.